Maureen's Gourmet Bakery

Welcome to Maureen's Gourmet Bakery

Maureen's Gourmet Bakery has become an integral part of the Sugar Land neighborhood as well as a destination for those who think life is too short for bad cakes and search for the best a bakery has to offer.

In our bakery, we offer freshly prepared cakes and pastries from time honored recipes made from scratch daily using the finest ingredients available. Our custom cakes are baked fresh just like how you make your cake at home. This is what sets our bakery apart and keeps our happy customers coming back again and again.

Maureen's Gourmet Bakery provides beautiful, artistic, delicious, and sophisticated custom designed cakes for weddings, anniversaries, birthday, baby showers, bridal showers or any other types of special occasions. We give the utmost care and attention to assure our customers have a memorable experience and satisfactory taste of quality from our cakes. With a friendly and family-oriented atmosphere, we provide all our customers with impeccable service.